камера Hikvision

Hikvision camera

If we tell you that you can be directly involved in saving the life of a scout? Not with wishes for health, not with a raised glass and not even with talk of concern, but with action. With help in purchasing high-class equipment, cameras that will allow us to monitor the entire area of their responsibility and transmit the coordinates of the devils who have defiled the Ukrainian land to our army? Will you support us, or will you find the resource in yourself to help with this insanely expensive idea?

These thoughts tear apart, as well as our euphoria from the counteroffensive, which is laid by the hearts of the most worthy.

The first Hikvision camera, with the rest of the components, is already in position. The price of the set is UAH 82,000

We need 4 more.

Support our “Nasha-Vsyudy” Headquarters and all scouts
Together to victory.

Because Ukraine is you and me, and its future depends on our actions

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