Lottery collection for cars for signalmen

Car needed!!

  • “God gave legs, let them walk with legs”
  • “We will not collect funds in social networks, because activity is falling”
  • “We are tired!”

Have you heard this? It’s called INDIFFERENCE!

I remind you! We need this so that the boys feel comfortable doing their work, boys who are also not born for war, like you and me!

Request for a car for 3 vehicles (93 ombre Kholodnyi Yar)!!

Let’s make it quick! Through the lottery

more than a month has passed and we did collect a fighter together with my wife

The winners

519 Antonina Vinnyk brooch, 391 Valery Zhernovsky brooch, 421 Skarhin Andrii brooch, 326 Olesia Sekeresh brooch, 313 Olha Krasovska brooch, 153 Zoia Klymenko brooch, 304 Iryna Charieva brooch, 403 Anna Rozina juicer, 290 Olena Zadoyan stand with ceramic houses, 372 Oksana Lutsenko necklace, 31 Nadia Shvets pan, 47 Nina Garenetska sleeve, 484 Kiasko Lubov (Oleg Pencil) pendant

Thank you to everyone who cares! And also, to those who provided these beautiful lots for the raffle: Volodymyr Kornienko, Iryna Kolenko, Ivan Bobkov, Nataliya Bazir

Glory to Ukraine!

Headquarters “Nasha-Vsyudy”

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