Collection for cars, repairs and fuel

We are again driving a car for the boys, at the same time we received an incredibly cool bus from Polski Zespół Humanitarny as a gift to save and help our people at the front.

The bus will go to the service station for minimal repairs before the next route to the East. The Hyundai has been serviced and, I hope, will not need additional injections, but we will check that as well.

Another car is waiting until we collect UAH 40,000 so that it can also fly to the East with us next week.

Well, no one canceled the delivery of a car from the front for repair, which also costs …

You know what I want to ask you. Again and again . Because we can’t do anything without help

Every hryvnia counts! Help us!

P.S. Andrii, thank you for the donation, it helped a lot with the fuel

Dmytro, thank you for the hospitality, it is definitely nicer to sleep not in the car

Well, traditional #RUZNIPZDA

Always your HQ “Nasha-Vsyudy”

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