Report 4

Report 4

Art Front Ukraine

In addition to cars, with the proceeds from the auction, Sasha Makarska and I bought shoes, clothes, tires, refueled the military, repaired cars and, of course, bought equipment.
In this case, the thermal imager is small and so necessary, but look at the REPORT – CLIP – THANKSGIVING that the Creative, strong and indomitable guys edited for us

No, it is a sin not to share it)

So listen and see, our beautiful artists who helped bring the idea of the “Nasha-Vsyudy” HQ to life, and co-organizers Artur Niemczyk – Gazda Polski Zespół Humanitarny and Przemek Miśkiewicz Stowarzyszenie Pokolenie. It’s all thanks to YOU!

I’m smiling from ear to ear, we’re on time and doing everything right, friends. The road is still long, but we have been in the stable rhythm of the marathon for a long time. So let’s respect each other and eat further!

Glory to Ukraine!

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