Report for starlink for 95

Everyone sometimes lacks the strength to breathe, and we still need to help and work, we understand this and therefore appreciate every support of the congregation in a special way. We thank everyone who does not get tired and donates, collects, sends and takes to the front. To those who enable us to live while fighting, special thanks

You are fireflies, we are proud to live with you at the same time and on the same land.

They collected 14,000, collected 15,000, so they decided not to wait 2 weeks for Starlink, but to add another 4,000 (thanks Ivan Bobkov) and buy on the spot. Thank you to everyone who is involved in this, to everyone who contributes their funds to the approach of our Victory

The darkness will disappear someday, the main thing is not to stop.

I believe in US

Your Headquarters “Nasha-Vsyudy”

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